How to create a portfolio for a web developer

You are a web developer and you want to easily create a portfolio to show the projects you worked on? In this post I will show you how to create a portfolio with Easy Portfolio in seconds!

Create a Portfolio in seconds

The process is super easy and straightforward. The Portfolio Generator; Easy Portfolio is based on your GitHub Profile and will use your profile readme, the contact details you provided and all of the repositories you worked with! Inside the application you first have to login with GitHub and give the application access to your profile. After that you can click on generate to generate a new portfolio!

Easy Portfolio start

After you started the generation process you will be directed through the following four steps:

  1. Presents your Profile Image
  2. Presents your Profile Readme, if you have one
  3. Let’s you select the repositories you want to show on the portfolio
  4. Let’s yoou select the contact details you want to show on the portfolio (possible are: Twitter, E-Mail, a Website and GitHub itself)

With everything selected you are directed to a preview of your Portfolio. Here you can also switch between multiple Themes.

Portfolio Preview

As soon as you are happy with the Portfolio you have two options. You either can Download it as a zip file. Inside the zip there are all files that you need to host the portfolio to web (incl. HTML, CSS etc.). Or you can immediatly deploy it to the web. This option creates a new repository and immediatly hosts it to the web with GitHub Pages.

Final Note

Easy Portfolio allows for a really simple and fast portfolio creation. It is based on your GitHub profile and will use the provided information in your GitHub to generate a Portfolio for you in 4 quick steps!